Buying & Selling the iPhone 6 Plus

apple-storeStanding in line to buy an iPhone the day it is released is something I’ve done twice, and plan to do again. Buying a second iPhone with the intent to sell it for a profit is something I’ve done once, and plan to never do again.

The plan was simple. Get in line before everyone else, buy an extra iPhone 6 Plus, and sell it for a cushy 50% markup. After all, the odds of finding an iPhone 6 Plus were zero, according to Cult of Mac, which meant that mine would sell instantly if I were lucky enough to get my hands on one. Worst case scenario I could return it. Last year a friend of a friend cleared $3,500 and it was time for me to cash in too.

Here’s what really happened.

Thursday, September 18, 8:55 P.M. Me and my friend decided to check out the store ahead of time. We learned that nobody was allowed anywhere on the mall premises until 5:00 AM. Police had already run people off, so there was no chance of camping out. We went home, excited about the next day.

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Day One of Soylent

Photo Aug 02, 6 59 23 PMSunday, September 1st, 2013, I placed a $255.00 order for One Month Supply of Soylent, a futuristic powder food that simply requires the addition of water to sustain human life indefinitely on planet earth and beyond. The purchase was an impulse decision governed by two underlying facts:

  1. A good friend from college was experimenting with a homemade DIY version of soylent, which alerted me to its existence.1
  2. My position in life was changing such that I would soon be more directly responsible for my daily bread. Like most Americans, I’m too starved for time to have to worry about other forms of starvation simultaneously.

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The Desperate Shortage of Designers in Computer Science

This summer I’m interning at a tech company that is very design centric. When building new software, our first consideration is what will be the best user experience and what will look great, not what is technologically feasible.

How often do you see an app that’s absolutely beautiful and a joy to look at but doesn’t really do anything? That’s an all-too-rare problem to encounter. It is much more common to see applications that have a mediocre (at best) interface.

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The Mathematical Probability of Accuracy for Ecological Validity in a Given Experiment for Behavioral Psychology

In behavioral psychology, there are two ways to observe animal and human behavior: in a controlled laboratory environment, and in a non-controlled real-life environment.

Knowing how many independent variables1 exist in such an experiment is crucial to a diagnosis of the experiment’s accuracy. Ideally, one should have a single IV. When this IV changes and the DV consistently changes with it, one can accurately say that a direct correlation exists. Predictable outcomes, after all, are one of the primary goals of psychology.

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